Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog! The Sequel

I cannot make any promises. Like most sequels, this Florida installment of the blog may prove to be entirely tedious compared with the original - Russia/Europe chronicles. I am, however, willing to take the risk. I enjoyed doing the "travel blog" thing and it seemed as though people enjoyed reading it, so i thought i would give it another go. Of course, this time around, i will not have Betty Lou with me to correct my numerous typing and spelling errors, so i apologize in advance for types to come.
I leave tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and fly to Florida via a ridiculous route, taking me from Vancouver to Seattle to Salt Lake City to Fort Lauderdale - 10 hours and 20 minutes in all.  It was the only way i could get a flight for less than $1000.
I am very excited to see Dawn and visit the Magic Kingdom (that's where the magic lives), swim in the ocean and smoke cigars on Lincoln Road.  I'll try to do something  blog worthy, as  daily entries describing the cigars i have smoked and the crossword puzzles i have done will make for some painfully dull reading.
I don't know how often i'll post, but check in occasionally and perhaps there will be something worth reading.
Adios, Amigos.