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One of the things i was delighted about in terms of my flights on this trip was that i had a 12 hour, daytime layover in Shanghai. For some reason i've never been that excited about visiting China but the pictures of Shanghai that i had seen all looked very nice and i seemed like an ideal spot for a long layover.  The really great thing is that China has a 144 hour layover thing where if you have a long layover on the same ticket you can enter the country without a visa.  I expected to be hassled at the border, but i was not; i only had to show my ticket onwards. The other really great thing is that the airport is connected to the city by the Maglev train - the world's fastest train, topping out at 301km per hour.
It is more expensive than the slower means of reaching the city, but when time is short, why would you not ride the world's fastest train?  Finding my way and getting tickets was a breeze and before i knew it my train ride was over.

I switched from the Maglev at…

Viva Nepal!

I arrived back in Kathmandu from Nagarkot mid-afternoon and felt pretty pleased with myself because while the first time i arrived in Kathmandu it was just a confounding tangle of streets and tributaries, this time i was able to give directions to the taxi driver to find my hotel.
I spent the majority of that day in my hotel, partly due to a thunderstorm but mostly due to the hotel i was staying at. As has become my habit, i booked my last two nights in a fabulous hotel. This time is is the Hotel Dalai La. It is gorgeous. Fancy and with a terrific courtyard restaurant. I felt so sloppy on arrival with my dirty clothes and my dirty self, as i had not showered for six days, but not only were they polite to me, but they upgraded me to a superior room. I spent the evening luxuriating in a needed hot shower and watching movies.

This morning, after breakfast, i taxied to Swayambhunath, aka "The Monkey Temple" a hilltop collection of Buddhist and Hindu temples surrounded by trees …