Friday, May 4, 2007

An Evening at the Ballet

Another day in Moscow and it was a thoroughly Russian day.
We spent several hours at the Kremlin exploring the numerous churches, many of which are about 500 years old and filled with tombs and iconoclasts and all the usual Catholic bells and whistles. (They certainly did favor some violent imagery, those Catholics.) Everything was so beautiful.
me with Tsar Cannon, Kremlin, Moscow

We visited the Armory Museum (also at the Kremlin), which houses all of the riches of the Romanovs. The carriages were particularly impressive, as were the coronation gowns.
After that we were quite fatigued, so we wandered over to Theatre Square, where we had a leisurely dinner before going to the opera at the Bolshoi. On our way in we stopped by the cocktail area of the theatre and Betty Lou spontaneously splurged on some caviar - the perfect pre-show treat at the Bolshoi.
A side note: One odd thing we have noticed is that Moscovites seem to have a penchant for ice cream. There are ice cream vendors on every corner and every 50 feet or so in the mall. They eat ice cream at breakfast and stroll leisurely down the ulitsa (street) licking cones even in the most frigid of weather. Weird. What else can i say?
We're tired. That's all, folks. Thanks for checking in on us.
Betty Lou & Dale 

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