Thursday, May 3, 2007

So Much For Sensible Shoes

St Basil's 

It is a very sunny morning here in Moscow.
Betty Lou and i have just awoken.
I'm sorry some of you are having trouble posting. I don't know what that's all about, but you can email both of us at my email if you are keen to contact us.
A random tale which i forgot to mention in the last post:
I had been congratulating myself for wearing my sensible Doc Martens on this trip (or rather, i had been thanking Betty Lou for urging me to wear them rather than the more stylish shoes i had originally selected), it seems however that even the most cautious and sturdy of footwear was not enough to save me from my own innate clumsiness. Yesterday as we were entering the rather posh and famous GUM department store i tripped and fell on my face, losing both my balance, my grip of my guidebook, and my pride. The security guard, standing on the other side of a window, looked at me, placed his hand over his heart and shook his head. I laughed.
Dawn, i knew you would appreciate that story.
Later, d

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