Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tackling the Hermitage

We awoke to more miserable weather today which persisted until only a few hours ago. Now it is gorgeous - patio weather. I do not recall if i have mentioned it previously, but the daylight part of the day is so long here. I don't know what time the sun rises, as we have yet to see this occur (which as many of you will know, is rare for us), but it is up very early and the sky is still light at 10pm. As summer approaches, the days will get even longer, until there is only a few hours of darkness each day.
Ok, enough of those trite observations and on to others.

Today we tackled the Hermitage. It is one of the largest museums in the world and is housed in former palaces of Peter & Catherine (the Great[s]). The building is spectacular - one glittering ballroom and throne room after another and each room hung with art from around the globe: everything from classical portraits & religious art to Picasso and Matisse. After awhile it is overwhelming to be in the presence of so much beauty.
The Hermitage
Following the day we wound our way back to The Idiot. We both agreed that a finer mixture of atmosphere and food could not be found. We ate mountains of delicious vegetarian Russian food (yes, it does exist - and nary a potato to be found). I had a little vodka and tea, B had a beverage and we worked on a New York Times Crossword and i wrote postcards while enjoying a cigar. We passed nearly three hours in this blissful manner.
A note in cigar prices (although i don't know if any of my smoking buddies are reading this): Non-Cuban cigars are very expensive, but Cuban cigars are roughly half the price of what they are in Canada. I am in heaven.
We are now meandering our way back to the room for what we hope will be an earlier night. I have several things to accomplish (i.e. sights to see) before leaving Saint Petersburg, but i have not yet decided what we shall do tomorrow. Perhaps i shall let Betty Lou in on the decision making process....
Dawn: Are you out there? Are you taking time out of your busy beach & gym schedule to read our blogging??
Alright, that's it.
So long, farewell...
dale & blou

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