Friday, April 25, 2008

April in Paris

Greeting from Paris!
at the Arc du Triomphe

We arrived at 3:30 (paris time) on Thursday after an uneventful flight. Our lodgings: L'Hotel des Grandes Ecoles is wonderful. It is three buildings surrounding a medieval courtyard and garden, which is filled with birdsong. We are one of the lucky few whose room opens directly onto the garden. Our room is small and charming and very girly. We are completely ensconced in pale blue toile; curtains, walls...the works (except for our bedspread while is a massive, white crocheted doily.
Last night we wandered around in the pouring rain (yes, rain - stop your snickering right now though, because today it is 23 degrees and sunny) and ate dinner at a Tibetan restaurant, which was delcious. We were too tired for much conversation, but fortunately there was a table  of lively American Entymologists nearby who kept us amused with tales of searching for rare insects in Alabama.
Today we visited the Pantheon, which holds a crypt containing the remains of famous French persons, including Victor Hugo, Dumas, and the Curies. We then walked across the Pont Neuf to the Ile de la Cite where we went to the Notre Dame and other places of historical note.
When visiting the Church of Saint Germain, we stumbled upon a funeral. It was lovely, really, which live music and bouquets of flowers. We made a point of looking solemn when the pall-bearers passed us with the coffin.
We just finished having lunch at the Cafe Deux Magots, where we enjoyed an assortment of cheeses.
Now, we are wandering around, exploring side streets and having a grand time.
My French? It is ok. Despite feeling foolish, I can express myself in a pathetic, yet comprehensible way and can understand much of what is said to me.
That's all from us for the moment. On to more exploring,
Dale & Betty-Lou
Dale book shopping along the Seine

Betty Lou on the Seine

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