Monday, April 28, 2008

Art & Opera

Yesterday we hit (nearly) all of the main tourist sights.
We walked from our hotel to the Louvre - a beautiful walk. We stood in line for no more than ten minutes and were inside. The museum is, of course, overwhelming with all there is to see, so we picked a couple of areas of interest and saw the "essential" sights.
We saw the Mona Lisa. I have never been a big fan of the picture, but i thought that it may be one of those works of art that one must see in person to 'get' it. I still don't. No wave of transformation swept over us. We both agreed that there were more impressive works to behold at the Louvre. Napoleon's apartments were very impressive and the Dying Slave is a masterpiece of homoerotic expression in marble.
From the Louvre, we strolled through the Tuilleries Gardens, watched the little boats in the fountains and a painter capturing the scene.
We continued past the obelisk down the Champs Elysees where Betty Lou bought a bottle of perfume.
Finally we (triumphantly) reached the Arc du Triomphe. BL enjoyed the breeze at the bottom while i made the climb to the top to take in the view.
On our walk back to the hotel we stopped for a dinner of cheese fondue and red wine, in which Betty Lou partook.
In the evening we went to the stunning Paris Opera House (the old one) and watched a very unusual performance of an Italian opera called "The Prisoner".  I can't say that i liked it, but i enjoyed it.  Betty Lou did not.

It was a very full day.
Presently, it is Monday morning and we are off for breakfast and then on to the Eiffel Tower.
Au Revoir!

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