Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have arrived in Istanbul!

It was a 20 hour journey, but an uneventful one.

I was picked up at the airport and taken to my hotel: the Bonjour Guesthouse, a cozy little place with a wonderful garden, onto which my room looks out. I am very happy here.
I was (and am) completely exhausted, but i spent the afternoon wandering around the city in an attempt to get my bearings. The hotel is right in the middle of everything.
So far, i LOVE it here. Is exactly what i had pictured: a skyline jagged with minarets, winding streets filled with erratic drivers, people selling bread, produce and nuts from wooden carts, carpet shops and hustlers at ever corner trying to lure you in to see their wares. On the side walks sit men playing backgammon and drinking mint tea. Cats scurry about, gathering scraps of food and sleeping on piles of Turkish carpets.
It is true that i do get hassled at every step. Every want to talk and ask me where i am from. Everyone is very nice, but many are trying to sell you their goods or their time.
I did not go into any mosques today, but i walked around them and heard the call to prayer. The buildings are truly magnificent from the outside - Tomorrow i shall explore their interiors.
Blue Mosque, Istanbul
I hate to say it, but Betty Lou, you would be in heaven here. It feels terribly exotic, but it is very tourist friendly and i have already seen about a hundred things that you would want to buy.
Oh, it is very hot here, but slightly less humid than Miami at this time of year.Forgive me for this being a bit rushed, but i am borrowing someone's computer and i don't want to be rude.
| will write more tomorrow when i find an internet cafe and have adventures to report.
I am deliriously happy and tired and so i shall retire to bed.

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