Monday, May 10, 2010

Georgia to Alabama

Hi y'all.  Here we are in Montgomery, Alabama.  Is this part of the bible belt?  It sure looked like it as soon as we crossed the state line - there seemed to be a church every few yards - most of them Baptist.  One church sign had the flames of hell burning brightly on a neon sign.
To go back to the beginning of the day...............we drove into Savannah where we spent a couple of hours wandering (of course) around the historic part of the city, taking in the majestic oaks,numerous parks and squares, the favorite of which was City Square.  Ron, I am hoping the pralines I bought you make it back to Canada as Gio is eyeing them!  There was a touristy walk along the river which we also enjoyed.
Forsyth Park, Savannah
Georgia was very lush and green and the homes we saw were beautiful.  That all changed when we crossed over into Alabama - the green was still there but the homes became more run down and there were a couple of small towns that were not places we would care to stop. 
Our routes are not always straight forward.  The highways seems to have numerous numbers - and that is for the same highway.  We ended up on the interstate today for a while before we found #80, the two lane highway we were looking for.  To quote Dawn this morning "we have been on the road for two hours this morning and 1 1/2 hours have been in the right direction"!
HWY 80
I just wanted to add that tomorrow we will leave Alabama and enter Mississippi.  We have no planned stops; we will just see what the drive has to offer.  Gio is requesting a good Southern eatery with plenty of meat.  As we have Fox with us and will not leave him in the car, all of our eating has been out of doors, which is fine with the warm temperatures we have been having.
Oh, an added note - we crossed the Chattahoochie River today.
Until next time, BLou

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