Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wandering North On Florida's Scenic Highways

Greetings.  Here I am making the first entry on "Two North's Wandering".  Dale, I hope this blog is satisfactory.

We spent the day packing and did not leave Pembroke Pines until 1630 hours.  We meandered north along Highways 1, A1A and 707.  The route took us along the ocean and all its beauty of beaches and palm trees.  The homes along this route ranged from quaint and cozy to elegant and majestic.

We are currently in Fort Pierce and tomrrow we will continue the scenic route until we arrive in St. Augustine, where we will make our first major stop.
It feels good to be on the road and tomrrow we will start the drive with Willie Nelson singing "On the Road Again".
Until tomorrow evening,
Luba, Dawn. Gio, Belinda and Fox
Florida Highway

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