Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Da Svidanya, Samarkand

Today is my last full day in Samarkand. I have already seen the sights i wanted to see, so i am taking it a bit easy today. I walked for miles to find this lone internet cafe and i might head out of town to see this one rather ancient mausloeum, but other than that, i think i'll just lay around.
I did not sleep at all last night, as i was quite ill. I am feeling better today, just weak. All i have been able to eat is tea and melons.

So, tomorrow, Friday, i catch the 12:00 noon train for Bukhara, which is supposed to be about a 3 hour journey.

I will check in when i can, internet access permitting.


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luba said...

It all sounds so amazing, especially the trip to the Old Town. I hope you are feeling better.