Saturday, September 29, 2012


Last night in Venice was delightful. I went out for a night time walk by myself, down the quiet streets and past the nearly silent canals before settling in a reasonably calm piazza for a glass of wine and a cigar. It was wonderfully warm and dark and peaceful - such a contrast to the day, which was marvellous, but loud and hot and colorful. I took great delight in the fact that i had mastered my way around our area of Venice. Able to make my way from point a to b without a map made me feel like a genius.


betty-lou & dale in venice

This morning, after a coffee and croissant we took a boat back to the train station and took the train back to Rome (it was a fancy highspeed train and got us to our destination in about 4 hours). We are now staying in the Piazza Farnese at the Casa D Santa Brigida convent, which is indeed a proper convent filled with a gaggle of nuns, but they also offer some simple rooms for rent. It isn't cheap, but it is a great location and it is cool to be in a convent. This afternoon we poked ourheads in the chapel during one of their many masses or prayers (or whatever they call them). There is a beautiful rooftop garden from which we have lovely views into the piazza where we can see people sipping wine and espresso, children playing ball, and dogs sniffing about.

Tonight really is the final night, so there will be dinner and a wine or negroni and probably one final celebratory cigar before heading back to Canada tomorrow.

market in rome (il campo)

church skeleton, rome

windows, burano, venice

train ticket vending machines

dale in venice
church, venice


Anonymous said...

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Barry Curts said...

Dale - Great photos, love the ones with you and BettyLou. Look forward to your next travels.