Sunday, May 19, 2013

Candelaria by Night

Last night after my post, i met a couple of guys here at the hostel and went our for dinner.  We walked several blocks through streets that were fairly quiet and then stumbled into areas that were filled with people - young people and families and children seemingly out on their own. It hardly seemed dangerous. I'm sure that at a certain point the crowds thin out and perhaps it then gets sketchy, but Calandaria after dark is not the threatening enclave that i had been wanred about.  Plus, there are police and private security guards on most corners, wearing uniforms and carrying machine guns, so it doesn't feel unsafe. And it was so beautiful out; cool and breezy and quite pleasant.

I slept well in my bed. It is quite chilly at night, but i was cozy.  It does feel a bit like camping as one must go outside and through the courtyard to reach the toilets and showers, but when the courtyards are so lovely, it seems ok.

I awoke this morning to a pounding headache - most likely a result of the altitude, but it is only temporary. Anyway, i had just had the rather modest breakfast provided at the hostel and i will be soon off exploring.

So far so good. I am exceedingly happy.

soldier in Candelaria, Bogota

Bogota dogs

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Betty-Lou said...

Reading your post makes me happy that you are doing what you enjoy probably more than anything. Looking forward to your next post.