Thursday, October 15, 2015

Disney at Halloween

What would a trip to Los Angeles be without a trip to Disneyland? D and i made the trip there yesterday. We've both been to Disneyland and Disneyworld multiple times but i had never been in October when the park gets a Halloween makeover. 
Mainstreet USA (the america that never was outside of film and nostalgia) is decorated with jack-o-lanterns and the Haunted Mansion gets a Tim Burton theme. It was wonderful. It amazes me how attractions and rides that are 60 years old still delight and awe. I still love the Jungle Cruise, even though the replicated sights are now things i have seen in real life in my travels. The Pirates Of The Caribbean is still cool with its obvious animatronics (i do believe though that they have taken out some rapey bits). (Allegedly this is this ride that terrified me as a toddler due to a fear of men with facial hair.) it's A Small World is a kitschy delight. And tomorrow land feels more retro than anything, but it still great. 

I love it. All of it....well, except for one thing. There are just too many children. I know, it is a family theme park and i don't begrudge people taking their kids, but there are just so many strollers and babies screaming and kids that are just way too young to enjoy or remember any of it. We thought/hoped that by nighttime they would leave, but they didn't. If anything, they multiplied and got exponentially louder and more unpleasant as the day waned. 

In the end they beat us. Families with their strollers (including fat kids who should not have been in strollers but lacked the ability of sustained walking) stayed and camped out, awaiting the fireworks display as they cried and bickered. At that point, we had had enough and left.

It was great though. Always magical.

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Melinda said...

I really had a good laugh at your remarks about babies and children at Disneyland. I would of said the same thing. Me not being a baby or kid person. I would of loved to of seen anything Tim Burton and if you have more pictures, I would love to see them.