Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Afternoon in the Town & A Night at the Opera

Another day in Tallinn.  Walked around the town some more. We went to the St. Nicholas Church - a medieval structure that has been repeatedly rebuilt following fires and bombing by the Nazis. It was quite lovely; very simple.

We also went to an old monastery - the oldest structure in the city supposedly. It was beautiful.
We had more coffees and snacks and then walked atop the remaining portion of the city wall, which afforded us beautiful views of the town and its red rooftops. The wall walk also allowed access to four towers, which one reached by climbing perilous, spiral stone staircases, which were dark and guarded by territorial pigeons.
View of Tallinn
We had lunch in the town square. It is beautiful and sunny today, but the odd gust of cold wind reminded us that we are in fact quite far north.  After lunch/dinner Betty Lou joined me in a visit to the cigar lounge i found on our first day here. It was wonderfully relaxing.

Strolling along we stumbled upon a row of artisans selling their wares - mostly of the knitted variety. I purchased a lovely linen sweater and scarf. Finally something new to wear! (my existing outfit is growing a bit stale).

This evening we shall attend an opera at the national opera house. It will be a production of La Traviata, which neither of us have seen, but we both enjoy the music.
Time for us to go ready ourselves for the evening's events.
Tomorrow we are off to Helsinki on a 3:30 ferry.
Until tomorrow,
dale & lou

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