Thursday, May 17, 2007

Countdown to Helsinki

We have been wandering around in the Old Town this morning. Had coffee and a cigar in the warm sun in the town square. Betty Lou bought a lovely painting from an artist set up in one of the alleys. I bought some (more) liquor and chocolates. I now have vodka from Russia and some Estonian liquor (which i'm sure will be disgusting, but it is the national drink or something), and a bottle of absinthe, which may get taken from me by Canadian customs, but it was so inexpensive i couldn't help myself.

The opera last night was wonderful. Exquisite sets and costumes and, of course, beautiful singing. It hadn't occurred to me beforehand, but the surtitles were in Estonia, so we had to make up our own dialogue, but with opera it isn't too difficult.
We will catch a taxi to the ferry terminal in about an hour and a half and then it's up to Finland. The trip takes about three hours and it is a beautiful day.
We will probably post tonight.
Happy Thursday!
d & b

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