Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wandering (Farther) North

Good morning from beautiful Helsinki.
We arrived at the ferry terminal in Tallinn one hour before our supposed departure only to find...our ship had sailed. I pride myself on being a bright girl- i'm in law school for crying out loud - and yet, i cannot tell time. I've never been particularly good at reading clocks, but i get by. One thing i have never been able to sort out is the bloody 24 hour clock. I had our confirmation which said we were leaving at 13:30, but somehow it had registered in my brain as being 3:30, not 1:30. I am retarded. Fortunately there was another ship leaving at 4:15 (sadly though this one did not have a cigar lounge). The ship was large and well-appointed and quite comfortable. The ride took 2.5 hours.
The Ferry between Tallinn & Helsinki
We arrived and a taxi driver with a penchant for "Cosby Show" analogies whisked us to our new abode: Gasthaus Omapoja, which is terribly charming and as our taxi driver noted, when i asked if it was a good location, "It is in the heart of the centre of Helsinki". This may be our nicest lodging yet (with the possible exception of Amsterdam).
Our hotel is on the side of this Theatre
Due to the ferry mishap, we arrived a bit later than anticipated, so we simply went out for dinner and walked around the city a bit. Our location is truly excellent and both Betty Lou and i are quite excited to see what a beautiful city Helsinki is. There is much to see, so i'll sign off here and get to seeing things.
Näkemiin (goodbye)

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