Monday, May 21, 2007


We are least i am. Betty Lou will return to Summerland tomorrow.

The last leg of our journey took us back to where we began: Amsterdam. We didn't do much with the evening (dinner & bed), but had a lovely day today (at least i think it was feels like yesterday).
me (Dale) enjoying a cigar in Amsterdam

We visited the Anne Frank house/museum, which was very moving and certainly worth a visit. After that we walked along the canal to the flower market, had a bit of lunch and returned to the airport.
Flower Market in Amsterdam

The flight (10 hours, i think) went by remarkably quickly, considering that neither of us slept.
And now we are back. I'm not sure how i feel about that, but then again, i am so tired i cannot really evaluate my feelings about anything.
It was an excellent trip and neither of us could have asked for anything better.
Thank you again for taking the time to read about our adventures.
Dale & Betty Lou North

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