Sunday, May 20, 2007

lähtö (departure)

We are at the lentoasima (airport) in Helsinki awaiting our flight to Amsterdam.
We did not make it to the cinema last night. We were exhausted and crashed in our room. This has been the first room that we have stayed in that had a television, so we watched the only English channel, which was showing "A League of Their Own", which i had never seen.
Helsinki Train Station
This morning there was breakfast and a bit of strolling through the market.
We get into Amsterdam at 5:30pm (local time), so we will probably just have dinner, smoke a cigar and go to bed. Tomorrow morning we thought we might visit the Anne Frank house, which i have never been to. We'll see what we feel like doing.
On Monday the 21st, we leave Amsterdam at 3:30pm and arrive in Vancouver at 4:15pm that same day (local times)...if only it really were only a 45minute flight!
It is so hard to believe that we have only one more "sleep" in Europe and that the night after next i will be sleeping in my own bed. Crazy. I can't wait to put on some clean clothes, see some friendly faces and catch up on what has happened in the world over the past few weeks - I must admit to having gone through a bit of news withdrawal.
Happy Sunnuntai (sunday).
d & bl

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