Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deep in the Heart of Texas

We entered the Lone Star State today and after a long day on the road we are still in it.  We have noted that Texas is more prosperous than the last three states we drove through. There are big cattle ranches and big homes and oil wells.
JR Ewing
We drove on the outskirts of Dallas/Fort Worth, past Abilene and are currently in Sweetwater,chosen for its "sweet" name.  Tomorrow we will be in New Mexico and are very excited about that state.
The only thing of interest today is that Gio ran out of gas 14 miles out of Breckenridge.  Dawn and I drove to buy a gerry can of gas and returned to rescue him from the side of the road.
That is all for tonight.  Tomorrow I will have more interesting things to say. Thanks for following along.

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