Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Mexico

We are In New Mexico but I must say that it is not as interesting as I had expected.  The landscape driving from the state line to Roswell was quite flat and dry with a bit of scrub brush - not pretty.  
The Road to Roswell
Roswell is large enough to have all the amenities and by this I mainly mean it has a Starbucks!  The UFO part of the town is really quite cheap and cheezy.  We enjoyed walking around the town looking at all the gift shops selling alien and UFO souveniers and went into a shop that had recreated their version of Area 51 and we had our photos taken with a lot of "aliens". 
This morning when we awoke in Sweetwater, Texas we were supplied with the best free breakfat to date - it was big like the rest of Texas.  I had some grits and biscuits with gravy and Alamo sauce.  The drive through the rest of Texas was full of oil wells (you could smell the oil), cattle and miles of beautiful red earth.  In one town they were trying to grow grapes for the first time and if successful were going to start a winery.  I really liked everything I saw in Texas.
We checked into our room early and are having a relaxing evening.  Dawn and I went to Red Lobster for dinner.  Gio is allergic to seafood so he and Belinda went out to eat on their own.
Tomorrow it is getting back to the northerly route to Taos Pueblo.
New Mexico vista

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