Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

I'm back.......!!!  Dawn and Gio got cable and internet connected today so I am able to make my final entry on the "Two North's Wandering" road trip.
I failed to mention something at the beginning of the blog.  Our two vehicle plus U-Haul convoy kept in touch during the trip with two way radios that Dawn and Gio had.  Dawn was "blonde bomber" and Gio was "Haitian Sensation".  On Mother's Day when Gio wanted to wish me a happy day via the two way radio, he referred to me as "Canadian Bacon".  I would have preferred something more flattering but I found that Americans, when thinking about Canada often think of Canadian Bacon.  In Texas, when speaking to a well fed Texan and telling him I was Canadian, replied "I love Canadian bacon".  That was quite obvious.
When we left Taos, New Mexico on Saturday we drove over the Rio Grande Gorge.  I believe it is 650 feet deep and quite beautiful to behold (you could google this and see for yourself).  We then passed an "Earthship Community" where all the homes had a self sustaining energy system.  We then entered Colorado.  The drive was beautiful, had winding roads and we were surrounded by mountains:  Sangre De Cristo Mts. on the right and the Rocky Mts. on the left.  We passed the Great Sand Dunes, which I wanted to drive in and see but we had to make it to Golden in time for Dawn to sign her lease and get the key for the apartment.  On our drive we climbed to an elevation of 10001 feet at which point there was snow but then descended 5000 feet to the Golden area. 
Colorado Mountains
The trip was great:  8 states in 7 days and I got to spend a lot of time with Dawn.  I think I will do one more entry on Golden.............so keep reading. 
Two Norths Wandering .....over and out. 

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